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FALLOUT 76. / Film 2018
Phillip Schurer is  to Star in  a new film,

Fallout 76,Filming starts October 2018

Based on the video game  By BETHESDA STUDIOS

The main character wears  a ’76′ on his uniform 

and the TV announcer mentions Vault 76, one of the ‘control vaults’ that were designed to open 20 years after the nuclear holocaust that took place in 2077, 

In a land desiccated by a devastating nuclear war, set in an alternate that heavily incorporates Atomic Age visual themes of 1950s Americana. Based in West Virginia , 25 years after a nuclear fallout

this film is one of the most awaited films in 2019


TWICE de Sarah Arlen 2017
Americain love story ,starting Sarah Arlen And Phillip Schurer

THE TRUCE- film by Francesco Briguglio


A Homophobic Father played by (Phillip Schurer) ,

Evics his own son for being Homosexuel,

3 years Thomas (Sam Reece),returns home to ask why his father kicked him out .

la Consolation de Magaly Richard Serrano,

Based on the true Story of Flavie Flament's novel, La consolation, an intense autobiographie ,with accusations, of rape ,by one of the worlds most famous photographers,which has now Been addapted Into a film for France 3,starting Léa Drucker,Émilie Ducaunne,Lou Gable And Phillip Schurer

Spot on the Map TV programme 15 episodes
TV Programme ,Spot on thé Map, Presented by Phillip Schurer

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