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La consolation
La Consolation, film by Magaly Richard Serrano.

The film La Consolation, is based on Flavie Flament's autobiographic novel.This intense true Story, of Family crisis as well as accusations of rape, by one of the worlds most famous Photographers ,has recently been addapted Into a film by France 3.Staring Léa Drucker, Émilie Decanne, Lou Gable And Phillip Schurer.

La consolation
La Consolation,

Film de Magaly Richard Serrano

Phillip Schurer will play thé part of thé famous British Photographer,

With, Léa Drucker, Émilie Decanne and Lou Gable


The King's Daughter
The King's Daughter starting Pierce Brosnan, William Hurt, 

Phillip Schurer plays the part of one if thé Musketeers.

TWICE de Sarah Arlen 2017
Americain love story ,starting Sarah Arlen And Phillip Schurer

La consolation
la Consolation de Magaly Richard Serrano,

Based on the true Story of Flavie Flament's novel, La consolation, an intense autobiographie ,with accusations, of rape ,by one of the worlds most famous photographers,which has now Been addapted Into a film for France 3,starting Léa Drucker,Émilie Ducaunne,Lou Gable And Phillip Schurer

Film Twice de Sarah Arlen
Phillip Schurer plays thé Lead in Twice à highly anticipated Polyamourous love story.

Spot on the Map TV programme 15 episodes
TV Programme ,Spot on thé Map, Presented by Phillip Schurer

Film Cold Ground with Phillip Schurer ,de Fabien Delage Premiers Septembre 02 ,2017, Paris
À French horror film ,set in thé 70's,staring Gala Besson, Doug Rande And Phillip Schurer.

Premier  in Paris ,Septembre 02, 2017

(Cindy Brace )

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