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Film Reapers
Action Film Reapers. 2017

Phillip Schurer , Peter Lemargue ,Michel Quach

La Consolation
La Consolation, Film about the life of Flavie Flaments rape at the age of 13

by the photographer David Hamilton.

Staring Lea Drucker,Lou Gable and Phillip Schurer

Winner of the Best Film 2017 ,La Rochelle International Film Festival

Twice Coming Soon
The Polyamorous Love Story Twice is presently at SunDance Film festival 2017

Staring Phillip Schurer and Sarah Arlan

This original feature film will be realsed in 2018.

Cold Ground Wins Big At Los Angeles
Cold ground Wins Top awards at the Los Angeles Horror Film Festival

Staring Phillip Schurer ,Doug Rand and Gala Besson

TWICE de Sarah Arlen 2017
Americain love story ,starting Sarah Arlen And Phillip Schurer

La consolation
la Consolation de Magaly Richard Serrano,

Based on the true Story of Flavie Flament's novel, La consolation, an intense autobiographie ,with accusations, of rape ,by one of the worlds most famous photographers,which has now Been addapted Into a film for France 3,starting Léa Drucker,Émilie Ducaunne,Lou Gable And Phillip Schurer

Spot on the Map TV programme 15 episodes
TV Programme ,Spot on thé Map, Presented by Phillip Schurer

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